What can you do?  Plenty!

Our U.S. Borders are broken - this is painfully evident in our country.  Get involved locally today! You don't need to go to the border to Take a Stand. Illegal aliens drain our states financial resources, add to overcrowded schools and hospitals, commit crimes that should not have occurred, and overall, strongly resist assimilating into America's "Melting Pot".

Start by getting involved.   Anything you do will help turn the tide. No need to 'over-do' it - just do something.   This is how the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION supporters have been working it for the past 30+ years -and look where it's gotten them... Join your local:
Minuteman organization
Tea Party Group
912 "We Suround Them" Group There are also conservative organizations in some areas that meet monthly.  Many of these groups will call upon us to attend rallies.  Although it may not be possible for a person to attend every event, make it a point to attend when possible.  Start by googling your city for some of the groups above, then research surrounding areas and even the county in which you live, there’s bound to be a group in which you can join. 

You can join www.capsweb.org and www.numbersusa.com to receive email alerts about illegal immigration and you can send free faxes from these websites. 

Call and e-mail your Elected Officials on a regular basis.

Sign up with your representative for notification of town hall meetings.  At these meetings ask questions and demand real answers.  If you have a video camera, use it at your townhall meeting or events you attend.  You never know when you are going to be in the right place at the right time to catch something on video that leads to a lot of news coverage.  It’s up to all of us to expose the corruption that has been going on for years. 

Tell your friends and relatives to do the above and then keep after them until they do. Go to our links page for some great leads.

Learn about the conservative candidate(s) in your area and offer to help.  One does not have to give 24 hours a day in order to volunteer.

Most Americans are just too complacent and figure someone else will do it for them - WRONG!

Others figure that it's already too late and nothing can be done - also WRONG!.   I wonder if they'd have the same attitude if they found out that they had a serious health issue.   I doubt it - they'd fight it till their dying breath.

It's definitely NOT too late.   We must all continue to do what we can to turn this around so that you and I, and our children can share in the American Dream. This includes LEGAL immigrants, but NOT ILLEGAL immigrants.

Join a group in your area that supports Traditional American Values and law abiding citizens. If one doesn't exist, start one.   But the bottom line is to take action and do it now! Contact us.

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If not Me, then who?  If not Now, then when?